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October 28, 2015

Scrolling through Facebook the other day, I saw a Buzzfeed post pop up in my feed called “22 Reasons Fans Are Obsessed With The Walking Dead.” I imagined reading it and sharing it with a message like, “So much yes! This is why I also love TWD!” But no, instead it was just a hodge-podge list of direct quotes from other people just saying that they love the show, not WHY they love the show. Sigh. So I decided to make my own list with actual reasons why I really do love the Walking Dead.

12 reasons i love the walking dead

-It’s gory, but in a satisfying way, not in a gruesome, relentless way. I really love the blood and guts, and this show does it well.

-At the same time, it has so much heart. For a show about zombies, man, do these characters cut deep. They’re relatable. You love some, you love to hate others. You see the gamut of real human emotion from them. You feel their struggle, you can see their pain. You celebrate their victories and cry over their losses.

-At the same time, it’s kind of bad-ass. Daryl, Michonne, Rick, Carol, Maggie, Abraham, hell even Carl have had many moments when they kick some serious zombie or bad-guy butt.

-The plot is quite beautiful. The story is just woven so well together and there is a lot of story to be told. It’s really much more than a show about zombies. It’s a story of hope, family, relationships and the will to survive.

-It doesn’t forget to show moments reminiscent of times you thought TWD had forgotten about…like awkward teenage romance and dinner parties with new friends that you don’t quite trust.

-The show’s creators wrote it in a way that thought long-term. So many shows these days have a clearly limited lifespan, and you can tell in late seasons they’re grasping to stretch out the plot. I have no doubt that this show could continue on for many more seasons and not become stale.

-It keeps you on your toes. The second you think the show becomes predictable, they throw you for a loop.

-Every season is just as good as the one before it. I truly don’t think there has been a bad season yet.

-I feel like I have a much better grasp on how I might survive a real zombie apocalypse should one ever happen thanks to this show.

-I like how widespread this show reaches. It’s fun watching it along with the rest of the world and being “in the know.” I watch some other really obscure TV shows and have no one to talk to about those, so it’s great to have a network of others that also watch TWD. It also makes me feel the need to watch new episodes immediately so I don’t catch any spoilers.

-It doesn’t feature big-name actors. It’s obvious that some shows capitalize and rely on certain celebrity cast members to draw an audience and I really like shows that give other guys a chance and relies on a solid story and good acting, not just big names. Norman Reedus (aka Daryl) is probably the biggest name on this show, and the only others I even knew of prior to it was Tyler James Williams (aka Noah, aka the kid from Everybody Hates Chris) and Jon Bernthal (aka Shane, who was in The Class).

-Someone was smart enough to create “The Talking Dead” to follow each new episode to critique and analyze TWD, and it is such a great way to keep my TWD high and absorb everything that had happened. Chris Hardwick is an amazing host.

Do you watch The Walking Dead? Why do you love it?

October 16, 2015

I mentioned recently that I devoured The Martian. No, I didn’t eat the Looney Toons character; I mean, I read the entire book by Andy Weir, cover to cover, in a day and a half, which very well might be a record for me. Now that I’ve read the book and just saw the movie, I’m comparing the two here for you!

the martian book vs movie

The Book

(This part was written just before I saw the movie so that it wouldn’t influence my writing of recalling the book. No spoilers in this section; you’re safe.)

I typically like to read in lots of tiny chunks of time. That was my intent with The Martian! But from chapter 1, I was hooked and literally could not put it down. I tried a few times so I could do more productive things like laundry and the dishes, but it kept eating at me that I had to know what happened next, so I picked it back up. This is easily the best book I’ve read since Gone Girl. Hell, those two are probably tied for best book I’ve read, ever, as an adult (because there’s stiff competition with my beloved Boxcar Children as a young lass and my obsession with Danielle Steel as a teen).

I read The Martian because I love sci-fi movies and TV, but I had never actually read any sci-fi books, so I thought it was high-time to change that. Everyone was raving about The Martian on Goodreads, so I figured it’d be a good one to start with.

I was a little worried though for two reasons: 1) I heard it was more of a real-life tale rather than dramatic aliens eating your guts-type thing, so I was scared it would be boring, and figured Mark Watney would just sit around contemplating the meaning of life with all his time up there. 2) I also heard there was a lot of lingo and sciency-math stuff, and as a writer, I just can’t math, so I was afraid my head would hurt trying to understand the book.

I was wrong on both accounts! 1) Yes, it’s true that it’s much more plausible than an alien gut-eating fest, but it was far from boring. Mark had to use every second to try and survive and devise a way to get back home. He had no time to sit around thinking about the meaning of life! Though he did watch some ’70s TV before bed most nights. 2) Yes, there are a lot of math and science lingo, and yes it was all over my head, but it wasn’t distracting at all. I glazed over the numbers, but I still found his problem-solving ability fascinating.

What I loved most about the book was his sheer will to survive. I am convinced that if it were me stranded on Mars, I would just give up. It’d be way easier to just surrender and die than fight, but to Mark he just kept on. I admire that. Not only that, but he did it in such a relatable and endearing way. His character is funny. He finds the humor in even the shittiest situation (literally. he talks about poop.) and made the best of what he had. A lemonade into lemons guy. But he was also human, as evidenced by his accidentally gluing his hand to his helmet in one Macguyvering scene. No one’s perfect. I appreciated that the author kept Mark relatable.

Even though all Mark had was himself up there and lots of NASA gadgets, it did not get boring for even a second. The suspense of just wondering if and how he’ll make it out was enough to power me through the entire novel in one weekend. The final scene was really intense too, guys. Like, edge of your seat. I could see the scene playing out in my mind as I was reading it. Like, I don’t even need to see the movie; I already saw it, because the book was that well-written.

As I write this, I am beyond stoked to see the movie. Just reading the book, I know that Matt Damon was cast perfectly for the role of Mark. I am really excited to see how they translate the rest of the book into movie form.

The Movie

(This part was written just after I returned from the movie)

Hmm. Ugh, this pains me to say that I wish I loved the movie more than I did. I so badly wanted to love it. I think the problem was the book was so outstanding to me that I then held the movie to the same standard. I was expecting it to be just as spectacular. And it was good, but it was no book, disappointingly. I also have read nothing but great reviews about the film, so I do think I was set up to have too high expectations. Way to go, media.

The roles were cast very well. Of course Matt Damon did great, but doesn’t he always? No surprise there. I was particularly impressed by Donald Glover, who just totally rocked it as Rich Purnell. So glad to see they kept his character and role in the plot intact from the book to movie. Annie the media relations gal, played by Kristen Wiig, lacked the sass she had in the book and was sort of a flat character that anyone could have played (no fault to Kristen Wiig; she acted just fine, I think this was a writing issue). Michael Pena played a great Martinez and kept that same lovable funny guy persona that he has in everything. Kate Mara surprised me since I actually liked her in this role. I think I was still holding on to a grudge from when she was in the first season of American Horror Story though.

I really feel like Mark was more relatable as a character in the book. We really got to know him and hear him think. The diary-style format assisted us knowing him on a more personal level and we could relate to his thought process and appreciate his humor. While they kept some semblance of his humor in the movie, we missed a lot of the other nuances of his personality in the film. And I get it — when you have a story to tell in a shorter amount of time, you skip the small things. I accept that.

From the trailer alone, it looked like the only difference would be that they gave Mark a family, which wouldn’t have been surprising because families make characters easier to sympathize with. But that did turn out to be clever editing; Mark Watney is still a cool single dude with no backstory other than having parents and living in Chicago just like the book.

I had heard that the movie stuck pretty closely to the book as far as major plot points. And in ways, yes. On a very high level, it was the same. I mean, there’s a dude stuck on Mars who grows poop potatoes and tries to overcome all odds to survive and get back to Earth. He find some stuff to help him do that, NASA helps, the old crew steps back in and … well I’ll stop there and save the good stuff for the spoiler section below. But whoever said it was just like the book is on drugs or clearly didn’t read the book. There were a few major plot points just completely missing or changed from book to movie.

Notable Differences Between the Book & Movie

There were several differences I noted between the book and movie. For one, they gave Mark a really random love of ketchup in the movie. And two, they renamed Venkat Kapoor, the head of NASA who was an Indian man it the book, to Vincent who was a black man. Chiwetel Ejiofor did a good enough job playing the character, but I was puzzled why they changed his name and race when everyone else was the same as far as I could tell.

The biggest plot change from book to movie, in my opinion, was that in the book, Mark loses communication with NASA after he accidentally leaves a saw propped up against his worktable as he’s making modifications to the rover before packing up the Hab before his journey to the Ares IIII site, and with Pathfinder down, his only way to communicate with NASA again is to get to that site. Of course, there’s also the suspense of us knowing another big storm is brewing on Mars, but NASA has no way to tell Mark that, and then said storm delays Mark’s journey since the solar panels don’t charge as quickly, and his rover gets stuck in a sinkhole-type thing. Oh the drama!

In the movie? None of that. His rover prep and mods go well, he never loses communication, the journey across Mars to the new site is totally uneventful and all is splendid. Ha.

Well, they do make a point of showing us Mark’s scrawny, dirty body and worn-out attitude though. With his rationed potato diet, he’s lost weight and that’s a point I don’t remember from the book. Well thought out on that one, movie guys.

Earlier, when the air lock detaches and busts open the Hab, it was another much more simple affair in the movie. They did create a nice explosion with some special effects, but once Mark slaps duct tape on his helmet (and I also missed Mark’s remark about even the brightest minds at NASA can’t improve upon duct tape that was in the book), he just strolls in the Hab and switches out for a new one and we’re back to sunshine and rainbows. In the book, it took him days of throwing his body against that air lock to flip it over multiple times and get close enough to the Hab to safely get new gear. And all that also happened with no NASA communication so Mark was on his own until he got to the MAV many months later.

The budding romance between Johanssen and Beck is also significantly downplayed in the movie. In fact, it’s almost non-existent, except for an awkward helmet kiss at the end and then a little diddy about their life together in the credits.

Speaking of Beck, in the book, he is the one to jump from Hermes and space-save mid-air Mark. In the movie, that’s the plan, until Lewis takes over that job in a final act of heroism as commander. K, this change did actually make sense with the story and I thought was more plausible given the character development in both mediums. Good call, movie guys.

The ending aside from the Lewis interception was mostly the same. It was edge-of-your-seat suspense if their plan will work. Amazing watching that play out just as vividly as it did in my mind. And they did acknowledge Mark’s smell in the movie too, which I appreciated. After that though, the movie showed Mark back on Earth teaching future space students. I loved the addition of this ending. I love movies neatly wrapping up loose ends in a happy little package. Another win for the movie on this one.

In summary

The book was AMAZING. The movie was good, and as a standalone film, is great. The acting and production were spot-on. But as an overall piece, as a viewer/reader, the movie pales in comparison to the book. Had I never read the book, I’m sure I would have loved the movie. The book exceeded my expectations so much that it kind of ruined the movie for me.

Have you read or seen The Martian? What’s your take?

September 14, 2015

This week, many of the new fall TV shows begin for the season. As an avid TV watcher, I’m incredibly sad to see a lot of of my reality shows from the summer end, but am also incredibly excited to see new episodes of the year-round staples and try out some new shows.

Here’s what I plan on watching.

Instant Mom, Sept., 19 on TVLand
Tia Mowry in a fun, quick show to fit in to the schedule.

Modern Family, Sept. 23 on ABC
Some of the storylines are tired on this show, but I continue to watch for one reason: Phil Dunphy.

Grey’s Anatomy, Sept. 24 on ABC
I was pretty disappointed in this last season of Grey’s, but stuck it out because once you come this far, letting go is kind of hard. But Shonda’s gonna need to tie together those disjointed story lines this season soon or else I may give up.

The Last Man on Earth, Sept. 27 on FOX
Now that Tandy and Carol have left the group, I can only assume more hilarity will ensue.

Bob’s Burgers, Sept. 27 on FOX
I feel like Tina is my spirit animal, and I just will never give this show up. It’s always a delight.

The Walking Dead (and The Talking Dead), Oct. 11 on AMC
This is always one of those shows that’s so good, you have to watch it the very night it airs. No DVRing this one! What’s gonna happen to Rick and company? I hope they pack up and leave Alexandria with everyone intact. No major characters died at the end of last season, so it’s still very possible we’ll lose some at the start of this one.

Fargo, Oct. 12 on FX
C’mon, my town’s name is the show’s name. I kinda have to watch it. The first season was so well acted, and I’m eager to see what a new cast and new plot will bring. And can Kirsten Dunst really pull this role off? We’ll see.

Grimm, Oct. 30 on NBC
This is still one of my most favorite shows on TV, and each season has been as good as the first. Word on the street is that season five will be even darker, so that sounds fun! My money is on Juliette not actually being dead.

New Shows I’ll Try

The Bastard Executioner, Sept. 15 on FX
“The story of a warrior knight in King Edward The Third’s charge who is broken by the ravages of war and vows to lay down his sword. But when that violence finds him again, he is forced to pick up the bloodiest sword of all.”-IMDB.

I completely fell for Kurt Sutter’s storytelling in Sons of Anarchy, so I’m stoked to see what he can do with this new plot.

Life in Pieces, Sept. 21 on CBS
“A family comedy told through the separate stories of different family members”-IMDB.

I mean, there are just too many actors in this show not to give this one a try.

The Muppets, Sept. 22 on ABC
“Jim Henson’s beloved puppets are coming back to primetime in a comedy that’s — gasp! — kind of meant for adults”-PopSugar.

It’s the “for adults” marketing line that convinced me.

Scream Queens, Sept. 22 on FOX
“A sorority is hunted by a serial killer in this horror-comedy from Ryan Murphy”-PopSugar.

This looks like a campy, less creepy-crazy American Horror Story, so yes.

Limitless, Sept. 22 on CBS
“Based on the 2011 movie, Limitless revolves around a man who starts using a highly potent drug that enhances his intelligence”-PopSugar.

Quite honestly, I’m only watching this because it has Evan from Greek.

The Player, Sept. 24 on NBC
“A hotshot security specialist gets recruited to pose as a player at a casino and ensnare criminals”-PopSugar.

Wesley Snipes and Las Vegas. Yep.

Blood & Oil, Sept. 27 on ABC
“A married couple moves to North Dakota to get rich off of an oil boom, only to find a number of complications”-PopSugar.

This looks like Dallas (the TV show) meets ND oil fields…and I’m sure it will grossly misrepresent our state, but I’ve gotta see that for myself.

American Horror Story: Hotel, Oct. 7 on FX
I’m on the fence about Lady Gaga in this, and I’m leery of any new season of this show as I usually either love it or hate it.

Superstore, “coming soon” to NBC
America Ferrera and Ben Feldman star in this hilarious workplace comedy about a unique band of employees at a big box store”-NBC.

OK, this just looks really fun.

What will you be watching this fall?

September 2, 2015

Ahh summer TV, the time of trashy reality shows, competitions and a few drama gems. I LOVE summer TV more than I probably should. So let’s talk TV.

Here’s what I’ve been watching. Some shows are still on; others ended already.

*Spoilers ahead. Read with caution if you’re behind*

Big Brother: Easily my favorite show EVER. I become completely obsessive about Big Brother every single summer, and this one was no exception. This time, I like very few people that are left, and I feel like this season is kind of a bummer. I didn’t like them at the time, but I actually find myself missing Clelli. The silver lining is that I’m almost positive Johnny Mac or James will win fan favorite.

UnREAL: I recorded this one on a whim only because it had Shiri Appleby from Roswell in it, and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a scripted show on Lifetime about a production crew working on a Bachelor-type show, so there is lots of drama and it’s pretty fantastic. It did get renewed for a season 2!

Under the Dome: Ugh, enough with the kinship already. It’s so weird being on Big Jim’s side. I’m ready for it to go back to the old dynamic. (Update: This show has just been cancelled, with a series finale Sept. 10. Sounds like we’ll get some answers. Yay!)

America’s Next Top Model: Even though the show is clearly grasping at straws to stay relevant, and I don’t like the new format, I do like the addition of guys. This cycle, I like Nyle, Lacey and Mame, do not like Ava, and am on the fence on Mikey and Bello. And Devin? I just don’t even know what to say about him.

So You Think You Can Dance: I am SO GLAD to see my two early faves still in the final four. Jaja and Megz – you go girls! (I have not yet watched this week’s episode so no spoilers please!)

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars: This season was cray-cray with Hank & Kendra on it, and Hank’s story finally being revealed on it. Plus, Mike from Jersey Shore and Jeff & Jordan from Big Brother were on, so it was great. Aubrey O’Day sure is a trainwreck though.

Fear the Walking Dead: I am only through the first episode so far, but I think I might like it. The start seemed slower than TWD and a little cheesier, but they’re on to something. I definitely plan to stick this out and see what develops.

Teen Mom 2: I’m glad to see Kail and Javi working through things finally, and love seeing Chelsea finally pull her life together. Jenelle and Leah though? Ugh, I feel so bad for those girls. They just can’t seem to get it together.

I am Cait: I got pretty behind in this and have several episodes still sitting on my DVR, but I was really curious to see how this show presented itself and I was obviously curious to get a closer look at this story. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it’s seems pretty honest from what I’ve seen. I do think shows that teach people about others’ struggles is important, so this series is probably doing some good. And that is good.

Little Women: LA: I’m pretty sure I’m the only person watching this show. Anyone else? Even though it’s flown under the radar, it’s definitely one of those guilty pleasures for me.

Last Comic Standing: We watch this because my husband has a fancy for stand-up comedy and I like to laugh. I do like the judges this season more, but I kinda miss JB Smoove as the host.

Bachelor in Paradise: How amazing is it putting all the Bachelor(ette) rejects together in Mexico? So amazing. In a so-bad-it’s-good way.

The Strain: Another show I’m a few episodes behind on, but I really enjoy it. I like dark dramas and supernatural/sci-fi-esque things, and even though the acting is piss poor and the way they present the big bad guy (what’s he called again?), I just can’t not love this. That being said, I wouldn’t be too sad if it didn’t get renewed (though it did get the green light for a season 3 already). The first season was definitely better than this one.

Leah Remini: It’s All Relative: I just adore Leah and her entire family, and watching this show just makes me happy. They’re all hilarious but you can see how much they love each other. I just really want to hang out with them.

Dark Matter: I stumbled on this new Syfy show and am so glad I did. I LOVE it! It’s like a new age Star Trek.

Significant Mother: This show is somewhere between pretty good and OK. It’s a nice little escape. The premise is kind of cliche and tired, and the mother’s acting is awful, but the presentation is enough to entertain me for 30 minutes once a week.


TV Shows I Gave Up On

Playing House: I gave this one three episodes before cancelling the rest. It just seemed kind of … generic.

Scream: I wanted to like this show, but I didn’t. I didn’t even make it through the entire first episode before deleting. Too bad. Had they given it a purposely campy vibe, it totally could have worked, but instead it was just bad.

Zoo: This show had so much potential! I thought it was intriguing, and I love that main actor from The Crazy Ones, but our DVR got so backed up, we got behind on this, and then missed some episodes entirely, so decided to just move on.

The Whispers: This show was actually pretty cool in a creepy way, but like Zoo, we just got too behind on it to easily catch up, so it was easier to throw in the towel. Should I have stayed the course? Anyone?

Aquarius: I like David Duchovny, but this show was just too slow to hold my attention.

What summer shows did you love…or not love?

June 23, 2015

Have you ever been so engrossed into a show, its characters and plot, that when it ends, you just kind of feel like you’re in a stupor? Especially when it’s been a show with an incredibly powerful ending. Beautifully tragic, touching and deep. You kind of stumble around, going through the motions of life, but cannot get that show out of your mind. You’re constantly replaying scenes in your head, asking what if things went another way, trying to break down all the pivotal moments that brought us to where we are.

Man, I tell you, when I have a TV show hangover, I know that there was a genius at work behind its making. Very few shows stick with me for too long. Sure, some linger for a few hours after I watch it, digesting what happened, how and why, but when it lasts days, even weeks, that’s some powerful stuff.

For me, this was Sons of Anarchy most recently. My husband and I powered through this entire series pretty quickly. Seven seasons, 13 episodes in each, one full hour per show. Three months later, we’re done. We fell down the rabbit hole and just came up for air, finishing the finale the other night.

And it left me like…
jax crying gif

Man, what a ride that was (pun intended). I still feel like I’m processing it all.

Hell, I’m still processing Breaking Bad, and I finished that about a year ago.

Those two shows have had some quality no other shows have had with me. Like, they just resonate deep within you. They suck you in then spit you out.

After I finish a series that has consumed my soul, I can’t help but want to stay in my fantasy land of the show not really being over. I start watching interviews with the cast, reading reviews and analyses of all the seasons, looking for commentary from producers explaining their plot decisions, still wrapping my mind around it all.

After Helix ended, I legit spent about four hours sucked into reading every article ever written about that show. It’s a slippery slope.

It takes a lot of willpower to not start the entire series over again just so you can relive every moment, this time knowing what’s coming, and watching for anything you may have missed the first go around.

I realize this probably makes me seem suuuper lame. Who gets this wrapped into something that’s not even real? Just some fictionalized story on the tube. Books have this same power (Gone Girl), as do some movies (Snowpiercer also still lingers, a year later).

I have no idea how it happens; it just does. Maybe it’s an escape from reality. Maybe you identify with a character and their story resonates with you do much you can’t help but feel like you’re watching your (more interesting) life played out. Maybe you are fascinated by a lifestyle so different from your own. Maybe there’s no damn reason at all, and it’s just great writing, great acting and a great story, period. Maybe it’s because when an entire series is available on streaming and you binge watch it, it’s a lot harder to not get sucked in versus having a full week to recover in between episodes. Who knows.

I do love reality TV, and I can get pretty obsessed (Big Brother, here I come!), but there is just something about these few dramas that go deep.

Here’s to you, Sons of Anarchy. And Breaking Bad. And Helix. And Dexter. And Six Feet Under. And Snowpiercer. You may be over, but your stories will live on in my heart and mind.

What shows have sucked you in? Wanna talk TV? Email me and let’s chat!

April 23, 2015

By now, I’ve revealed that I have a serious TV obsession, so every few months I’d like to post what I’m watching, what new shows are coming up, what shows I’m giving up on, and just in general, talk about TV. This time, I’m wrapping up the fall/winter shows and discussing the spring/summer episodes starting up.

Let’s get to it!

spongebob tv gif


Fall/Winter Shows

The Walking Dead: I loved this season. I really enjoyed seeing the group back in survival mode again, even though it meant wandering for most of it. However, I was NOT happy to see Noah die so soon. I really wanted to see what he could bring to the group in more time and was a solid dude. I’m not surprised how things went down in Alexandria at the end, but am really interested to see if this makes them stay, take it over or move on. I was actually shocked that no major characters died in this finale though. Norman Reedus (Darryl) mentioned in an interview before the finale that it would be a tearjerker and to have you tissues ready, so I was ready for blood. Even though it was nice to see all our fave characters spared, I was actually sort of disappointed, since I was ready for it. That probably makes me awful. I do wonder now if something more dramatic will happen in the fall premiere instead.

Better Call Saul: I was so pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this show. Even though Saul/Jimmy is a skeezeball, you can’t help but love him, and it’s fascinating to see how his story started. I am so glad there will be a season 2.

Man Seeking Woman: In one word, this show is WEIRD. Like, completely off it’s rocker messed up, and highly inappropriate, but quite honestly, despite all its extreme eccentricities, we fell in love with it. Jay Baruchel is perfect in the role and I just love how different it is than anything else on TV, which is refreshing. Even though we loved it, I am shocked that it got good enough ratings to earn a second season, but I am thrilled to see more. If you have a high tolerance for strange, definitely check this one out.

Stalker: I still adore this show, and I think Dylan McDermott is such an underrated actor. I’m not much for crime shows or dramas, but this one was fascinating. This show comes back from its hiatus on May 4 for the final three episodes of this season, and even though the series has good reviews and decent ratings so far, the Google machine tells me it’s not likely to be renewed. My hopes are still up though.

Helix: Only a couple months ago, I started this show as a season 1 Netflix binge at the suggestion of Becca, and I loved it. It was weird and sci-fi-y and I got sucked in. This second season that just finished was much more scattered, and even more strange than the first one, and it was hard to keep up. Other fans seem just as confused and upset with the direction of season 2, and Syfy has yet to announce if it’s renewed or cancelled.

The Celebrity Apprentice: This is what I was watching and obsessing over while ya’ll were watching The Bachelor. It’s easily one of my most favorite reality shows as a guilty pleasure, and this season was no exception. Truth be told, I was most excited to see Gilbert Gottfried on it, but turns out Kevin Jonas was the most surprising contestant I liked, though I think he went out way too early, and I am NOT a Geraldo fan after seeing him on this. I was pleased as punch to see Leeza win and am even more stoked that this show was renewed for another season.

My Haunted House: The last good ghost show on TV looks like it might be over, and this makes me incredibly sad. Even Ghost Hunters seems to be gone and the rest that are still on TV just are kind of lame. Paranormal Witness is rumored to be returning this year, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Melissa & Joey: This show is absolutely adorable and such a fun, lighthearted watch, but ABC Family has sadly cancelled it. It will be back on June 3 for its final run, so I’m glad they can plan a proper finale, and it had a good run, but I’ll still be sad to see it go. I vote Melissa Joan Hart gets a reality show after this, please.

What’s On Now

Orphan Black: This season just started again the other day, and as of writing this post, we haven’t yet watched it, but I am very hopeful it will be as awesome as the first two. It’s a really cool concept, but I just hope they don’t get too carried away with the clone characters and plot. I thought the guy clone last year was a bit of a stretch, so we shall see what this season brings.

Catfish: The first several episodes without Max were just sort of flat with almost all of the guest hosts, and I am so glad Max is back. Otherwise it’s business as usual in cyber love land.

Instant Mom: Thank God this show is still on, since it’ll have to pull double duty now with Mel & Joe leaving. Another light-hearted, fun sitcom that just makes me happy.

Surviving Marriage: Cal recorded this on a whim, and I wasn’t sure I’d liked it because it’s an adventure show that sends couples to the wild as an extreme form of marriage therapy, but it’s actually really addicting.

Keeping up with the Kardashians: Go ahead, judge me, but I love me some Kardashians. Yes I realize they are fame whores, yes I realize most of them have no real talent, and no, I don’t care. This is entertainment. I will say, though, that I really cannot stand Kylie this season.

Teen Mom: Another guilty pleasure here, but I just love seeing the original girls back. I adore Caitlin and Tyler, and I am so proud of Amber for turning her life around. I’m not so glad to see Farrah again, though. Ick.

Little Women, LA and NY: No, this is not a Louisa May Alcott thing, but rather a reality show that is essentially The Real Housewives with little people. It’s kind of a train wreck, and most all the ladies do is fight, but I can’t help but love it. What can I say, guilty pleasure.

7 Little Johnstons: Now, this is a show about little people, but with much more integrity and genuineness. It’s about a family of seven, all little people. The parents had two biological children and then adopted three more, and it follows their daily lives, with a The Little Couple or Little People Big World vibe. My husband thinks the husband in this show is funny, and I just like how real it seems, and of course it’s fascinating to see how other people live without all the forced drama that is pretty evident on Little Women.

Grey’s Anatomy: As drawn out as this show has become over the past 10 or so seasons, it still holds my attention and my heart. I do, however, have one big problem with this current season: So much of it for awhile focused on Geena Davis’ character training Arizona and then dealing with her brain tumor. When Derek’s sister operated on her and she lived, we were happy, despite her blindness, because she was OK with it. But then the very next episode, it’s like she never existed. No one mentioned her, her storyline was totally removed and it was just like business as usual. What the fruit happened to her? I hate how it was so prominent, with such a buildup, and then just done. Anyone else with me? Did I just miss something?

The Following: Granted I am really behind on this season (the last five episodes are currently sitting on my DVR), I love the creepy cult aspect of this show and think K-Bake (that’s Kevin Bacon, btw) is awesome.

Bates Motel: My husband gave up on this show, but I’m still intrigued, especially with the current season since it seems like we’re finally seeing the real unraveling of Norman. I just really hope he doesn’t kill Emma. She’s so nice.

Grimm: Oh Grimm, you are easily one of my very top favorite shows on TV right now. All these seasons in, it still is as awesome as the first season. Juliette as a Hexenbiest though … no thanks. My fingers are crossed Rosalee can find a way to turn her back, because girlfriend is not very likable right now.

The Last Man on Earth: This is one of those shows that it is so bad it’s good, in my opinion. Will Forte’s character is the guy you love to hate. Carol though, is easily my favorite. (Truth be told, I think it’s hilarious that she thinks anything bad happening is because of diarrhea.) Also, I think the two newest women that joined the group are totally scam artists. #callingit Surprisingly, it got renewed for a second season.

Married at First Sight: This show is adorable, weird and fascinating. Basically, it’s an “extreme social experiment” where two total strangers agree to get married to their perfect match as determined by “experts” and tons of tests. They don’t meet till they’re at the altar, and then the show chronicles their lives together as they get to know one another, and at the end, they decide whether to stay married or not. It sounds like a terrible reality show, but really, this show has so much more heart than you’d think, and it’s become a new favorite. The second season is about halfway through now, and I have high hopes it will be back for a third.

What’s Coming Soon

Tia Mowry at Home, April 29 on Cooking Channel: It’s no secret that I’m slightly obsessed with Tia and Tamera, and now I get another show to watch one of them on! I already tune in to Instant Mom that Tia is on, and occasionally I’ll watch The Real that Tamera is on (it’s daily though, so is too much to watch them all), and now Tia has her own cooking show because she is that badass. Heck yes.

Masterchef, May 20: I’m less into this show than I used to be, but I’m sure we’ll give this season another go and see what the new cast of characters is like. It’s at least a lot more pleasant than Hell’s Kitchen, which we gave up on.

Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars, May 29: This is one of those awful reality shows I watch depending on the current cast (same as Couple’s Therapy, which also returns in the fall), and this next season will have Kendra and Hank, Jeff and Jordan (from Big Brother) and Mike “The Situation” from Jersey Shore. Yaassss.

So You Think You Can Dance, June 1: I looove watching the auditions for this show, and I usually lose steam once it gets to the live shows and top 20 performances, but that’s OK. I’m perfectly fine fast forwarding through the second half of the season.

Unreal, June 1 on Lifetime: This is a new one I’m planning on giving a shot, but only because it stars Shiri Appleby (from Roswell) and I like to keep up with all my alien cast’s new adventures. It’ll be a scripted reality show about a dating show, and has the potential to be awful, but that’s OK. I do watch the Kardashians after all, so my tolerance for bad is pretty high.

Orange is the New Black, June 12 on Netflix: Guys. Have you seen the trailer for the third season? It. Looks. Awesome. Here, in case you missed it:

Big Brother, June 24: Oh my gosh, I have been counting down the days for this season literally ever since last season’s premiere. I am SO excited – this is easily my #1, hands-down, favorite show on TV and I completely obsess over it every summer. We’ll be entering the 17th season this summer, and I’ve been a faithful viewer ever since the first. My money is on this season being another new cast. I really think they’ll give it another season or two before doing another all-star season. Anyone else watch BB? Speak up, because I LOVE talking about it – you can join me and Meagan as we obsess this year!

Under the Dome, June 25: I honestly don’t even remember how last season ended, but I know it started getting a little far-fetched. That’s OK. It happens to the best of shows. I’m not ready to give up on this one yet.

Hollywood Game Night, July 7: A fun show to pass some time. Jane Lynch hosts and celeb guests play party games. What’s not to like?

Last Comic Standing, July 22: This show has gone so downhill, but I did really enjoy Roseanne as a judge last season. I’m only watching it because the hubs likes stand-up.

Sharknado 3, July 22: Yes, this is technically a movie, but a TV movie, so it counts. I love how bad the Sharknado movies are and I fully intend to enjoy every awful minute of this installment, probably with some live Tweets. No shame.

Bachelor in Paradise, Aug. 2: I pretty much gave up on The Bachelor/ette since Juan Pablo’s season, but I really enjoy the ultra trashiness of this group date series. So much dramz. Rumors have it that Michelle Money and Cody will both be back this summer, but not together since they broke up after the show last year. Womp.

America’s Next Top Model, Aug. 5: Another girls and guys season! This dynamic has totally renewed my love for this show, despite its poor judging panel and format decisions.

Hit the Floor, summer 2015 (not date announced yet, but likely May): The acting is bad, the plot is bad, but the concept is fun, so this has become another guilty pleasure. It’s about a group of professional dancers for a fake LA NBA team. I mostly love watching the dance sequences but there are some pretty men too, so that’s another point in its favor.

The Strain, summer 2015 (not date announced yet): I really loved this Guillermo Del Toro horror show last year, though I was quite upset they killed off Sean Astin’s character so soon. Oh well, it’s a zombie-like hysteria, so that’ll happen I suppose.

Leah Remini: It’s All Relative, summer 2015 (no date announced yet, but likely July): I’ve loved Leah Remini since her King of Queens days, and her reality show is a hilarious delight.

Fargo, fall 2015 (not date announced yet): C’mon, it’s a show with my town’s name, of course I have to watch it. I thought Billy Bob Thorton totally killed it last year (no pun intended), and this year they’re pulling an American Horror Story with a new cast and new plot, but I’m sure it’s going to be just as good.

Fear the Walking Dead, fall 2015 (no date announced yet): Yep, this is the Walking Dead spinoff. From what I know, it’s basically the same concept, but in LA. My fingers are crossed it’s just as good.

What are you watching?

February 23, 2015

I love watching movies. Not quite as much as TV, but there is such a joy I get from curling up on the couch with a blankie, popcorn and the husband and getting wrapped up into a story. I’ve never cared too much about award shows, and I usually prefer the kind of movies that don’t get nominated for anything, but Rebecca’s Oscar challenge sounded too fun to pass up. All we had to do was watch as many nominated movies as we could between the nomination announcement and award show, and we got a point for each nomination that movie received.

Rather than list out each category, I’ll make it easy and go over each movie that we saw.

Oscar Nominated Movies I Saw

(and the respective number of nominations, and therefore, points)

The Grand Budapest Hotel (9): Of course the imagery in this film is totally incredible – I mean, you cannot beat the Wes Anderson style that amazes the eyes. But…I was bored.

Birdman (9): I have mixed feelings about this film. I like that it was so different, the acting was superb, concept was cool and film style was great, but still I just wasn’t crazy about it. I wanted to like it, and I did, but I didn’t love it. And the ending mad me mad because I wanted to know exactly what happened.

The Imitation Game (8): I knew Benedict would kill this role, and he did, but Keira Knightley actually is what most impressed me. I’ve never loved her in any other movie, but this one she actually did really good in! And even though this movie wasn’t action-packed or had much drama or intensity, it still held my attention and I found it super interesting. A winner!

Boyhood (6): All the critics were freaking out about this movie, so I thought it would blow me away. While the concept of filming something for sooo long was really cool, the end result itself was unimpressive. Basically, it was long and boring. Characters came and went with little to no story on them or explanation, and while there were a few themes with his family dynamic, little seemed to happen otherwise. I wanted something deeper with this.

The Theory of Everything (5): Mostly, I liked this. I loved seeing the progression of Stephen Hawkings’ disease and how it affected his life and relationship, but I was disappointed how little it touched on his falling for the nurse. The story near the end just sort of fizzled.

Guardians of the Galaxy (2): I rarely like superhero movies to begin with, and this one was OK, but nothing spectacular to convert me. Some of the lines were cool, and I like that it was funnier than most superhero movies, but otherwise…meh. I’d much rather watch a straight up comedy or action flick instead.

Begin Again (1): Another Keira Knightley movie that was underwhelming. I liked its quirkiness, but otherwise I can’t say much else about this. Another meh.

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies (1): I love the Hobbit and LOTR movies and this one was no exception. Those Hobbitses are so lovable, and the story is always intriguing, and I don’t even care that the movie took liberties away from the book. It was a joy.

Gone Girl (1): I really appreciated how close this movie followed the book, and both were incredible.

The Boxtrolls (1): This was absolutely adorable. It was cute and funny and touching and quirky and awesome.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 (1): For some reason, I wasn’t as into this as I was the first one. I can’t even explain why, but I just was more into scrolling social media on my phone than watching this.

Nightcrawler (1): Creepy and intriguing, Jake nailed this role, and it made me uncomfortable, yet I couldn’t look away.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (1): Another superhero movie that was just OK. The only good thing I can say about it is that I got to look at Chris Evans, so that was a win.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (1): I sort of hate the idea of these movies in the first place, but I got sucked into the series when my dad made me watch the original, so I feel the need to see them all now. I don’t like the direction they took the apes in, ethically, but I can’t deny that I actually enjoyed the emotion of the story and characters.

With a total of 106 possible points, I scored 47. It’s not as good as I had hoped to do, but it could be worse. I was really hoping to also see Interstellar, Wild and Big Eyes, but we didn’t make it to them in the theaters before they were gone, and they’re not yet on DVD, so womp womp to those.

I purposely didn’t see some of the others because I didn’t want to go out of my way to see a movie I otherwise wouldn’t watch or care about. And while I know American Sniper was super buzzed about, and my husband wanted to see it, I was just too hesitant to see it in the theater. With intense movies like that, I much prefer to watch it on the small screen in my living room.

What did you think of the Oscar movies? Which should I see that I didn’t?

oscars movie challenge

January 29, 2015

I’m throwing it back today and reminiscing about my fave TV shows that are no longer on the air. Sure, some have reruns on various cable networks, but I miss the anticipation of waiting for a new episode every week.

photo credit: Dania Do Svidaniya via photopin cc (photo cropped)

*Note: I grew up without cable. My TV experience was any show that was on the five channels we had. I didn’t get satellite TV till I got my own apartment in college.*

Pepper Ann: This was by far my favorite cartoon and I looked forward to it every week for Disney’s 1 Saturday Morning! Remember that? With Recess and Doug? It aired while I was in junior high, so I was a little old for cartoons, but man, Pepper Ann was the man.

The Class: This was only one for one season that I recall, but it was soo underrated. It was hilarious!! Very How I Met Your Mother-esque. I hope to see this on Netflix sometime

The River: Another underrated one season show. It was meant to be a horror series, and it was actually pretty creepy. It had a great element of suspense, and I loved it.

Black Donnellys: This has become kind of a cult classic, and I was late to the party. I rented the DVDs a few years ago though, and it was fantastic. Kind of Sopranos-esque, but less boring, in my opinion.

Freaks and Geeks: Another cult hit here, and for good reason. A young Jason Segel, Busy Phillips, James Franco, Seth Rogen and Martin Starr. Bill (Martin Starr) was my absolute favorite.

School Spirits: This was the best scary ghost show on television, if you ask me. It was put together in such a creepy, suspenseful way, and it legitimately gave me a few nightmares, but I still couldn’t get enough.

Zoom: Zoom to me is what Barney or Sesame Street was to other kids. It was my jam! I still can speak ubbi dubbi, you know.

Ghostwriter: Another PBS favorite, just like Zoom! See, even back in the day I liked ghosts, but apparently only if they wrote and helped solve mysteries. Lol. Anyone ever watch Eerie Indiana? This was pretty similar and totally rad to mid-’90s Amanda.

Tia & Tamera: No surprise here, right? I’m pretty obsessed with these girls. But for real, I totally admire them. Sister Sister was cool and all, but their reality show on the Style Network is what made me realize that they’re amazing women.

Girlfriends: I have no clue why, but I couldn’t get enough of this UPN (that’s right, I said UPN. This was pre-CW) show. I wanted to be their friends. Like for real, when I would turn the show on, I would tell Cal to hold on, because I was just gonna hang out with my girlfriends for half an hour. Joan was my fave.

Tru Calling: Yeah, quality and acting wise, this was not very good, but I liked the premise, and ‘cmon, it had Eliza Dushku and a yet-to-be-discovered Zach Galifinakis.

Dead Like Me: This was just a morbidly spectacular, awkward and amazing, show. The movie sucked though. Oh, and Mandy Patinkin.

Reaper: Remember this show about the boy whose parents sold his soul to the devil, so he had to do his dirty business? It was actually a fun, silly, show that always made me laugh.

Roswell: I had a pretty bad obsession with all things alien, so this teenage saga of aliens when I was a teenager of course totally stole my heart. And now I proudly own all the DVDs. Cal hates the show, so I watch them when he goes out of town for whatever reason.

The 4400: This is like the better, adult, more confusing version of Roswell. It. Was. So. Good!

Slacker Cats: OK, I can see how few people liked this show, but I totally dug it. It was so inappropriate and so weird, yet so so good. It premiered the same year that Greek did, if memory serves me correctly, and I was so impressed that ABC Family had gotten so edgy.

Yes, Dear: This show as a whole wasn’t as good as King of Queens in my book, but the scene that stole my heart was when Greg ruined the romantic moment with Kim by pointing out her misspellings in the card she gave him. I get you, Greg.

Dr Quinn Medicine Woman: I’m only slightly ashamed about this, but darnit I loved that frontier lady doctor…and of course Sully.

Family Matters: This show had so much heart! It was lame and cheesy and every episode ended in a family hug, but gosh was it sweet and fun too. Looking back, I think I like it more than Full House even!

steve urkelvia

Sabrina: Melissa Joan Hart, Salem, Harvey, it was the perfect way to end my Friday nights with girlfriends watching TGIF.

MadTV: I always thought this show was so much funnier than SNL and I was so sad when it was cancelled. Ms Swan, the UBS driver, the coffee guy, STUART, Lorraine, Lowered Expectations, gosh it had so many awesome skits.

Blind Date: Anyone else remember staying up till 3 a.m. on school nights watching Roger Lodge narrate crappy dates?

Nash Bridges: Another one I have no clue how I got into it, but once I was hooked, I was hooked! I guess to ’90s me, it was like the precursor to my appreciation for the Fast franchise…but with less attractive guys? Who knows.

Desperate Housewives: This had a good run, but I do still miss those girls sometimes. So much scandal and so many guest stars too! I took an online quiz which told me that I’m a Bree.

bree deperate housewives

Persons Unknown: I think this flew too far under the radar, but I thought the concept was really fascinating. A bunch of people wake up together in a facility with no recollection how they got there or how to get out, and the whole one season it had was like a whodunnit type deal. Yeah, it had some holes, but it was intriguing and a fun change of pace.

What TV shows do you miss?

November 12, 2014

About two months ago, I posted about the fall TV shows I’d be watching. Now that they’ve all started, I wanted to do an update and talk about which shows I’m loving and which I gave up on. Because for real, I LOVE talking about TV. Like, I have a problem. Anyway…

medium_5942907831photo credit: Mc Knoell via photopin cc


Shows I LOVE!

Stalker: Umm, best new show of the season for sure! I can’t get enough of this show. It’s so interesting, I think the writing and acting both are superb, and c’mon…Dylan McDermott.

Grimm: I’m so happy this show is back! It’s one of my guilty pleasures. I love the escape I get in the storyline and season after season is just so good. As awful as Adalind is, she keeps things interesting and I like that her story keeps a tie into the series as whole to break up the monotony of one-off episodes. I’m not sure what to make of Captain Renard’s mom yet. And Trouble is kind of bothering me. She’s just not very likable.

American Horror Story: Finally this show pulled me back in. I’ll say it again: The first season was the best one, but I think Freak Show is the next best. It’s finally intriguing again and only mildly disturbing. Asylum almost did this show in for me. Glad it’s back on track. And NPH being cast is going to be epic.

The Walking Dead: I really don’t think I will ever tire of this show. Dude. Eugene, really?! I didn’t see that coming, like AT ALL. I am shocked that Abraham didn’t shoot him right then and there. I wonder if he’ll get back into the group’s good graces or if they’ll cut him loose at this point. And will they join the Rick group again? And where is Darryl now?! Is the main group still at the church? Is Beth going to get out of the hospital with Carol? So many questions!!!

Grey’s Anatomy: The story is a little lacking this season, but it sure isn’t stopping me from liking this show still. I thought it was adorbs how Jackson was bonding with Kepner’s mom. I wish they’d stop breaking up all the other side stories so much though. We barely got to see Callie/Arizona, Karev/that girl in the last episode. And can they please show Zoey again?

Covert Affairs: This just started back up and I’m really excited to see Annie Walker kick some butt again. The show lost a little steam for me for while, but the last season was really good, so I am totally back in it. Also, I have high hopes that Annie and Auggie rekindle their romance.

Kendra On Top: Oh girl, Kendra’s life is not so hot right now, and while she probably be airing all her dirty laundry on TV, she chose to keep filming during the Hank scandal, and so I will watch the dramz unfold. I really feel for her though, and seriously can Hank stop being so shady?! However, I was super touched to see her reconnect with her dad. Girl needs a stable family member right now.

Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons: I’m only slightly ashamed I’m watching this. I love my Kardashian drama, and I especially love that this season doesn’t have much Kim in it. Kourt, Khloe and Scott are my faves anyway. And as much as I love Kourt, I feel for Scott right now; girlfriend’s not being very understanding that he is grieving his parents and being forced to live in that environment on top of it. Just cut him a little slack, k? Also, Penelope is freaking adorable!!!

America’s Next Top Model: The show in general is a hot mess, but I love that they have guys in the series now. I’m super sad that Raelia left, and I hope that Adam can get it together, but I’m rooting for Will. That kid just has it.

Instant Mom: This show is just so delightful and I’m instantly happy watching my girl Tia. It’s always an easy, fun 30-minute thing to watch if I’m short on time or need to watch something quick before bed.

A to Z: Well, this is cancelled, but I thought it was cute. The story was interesting, it was really funny and I liked the characters. Oh well.

Shows I’m ehh on

The Real: Ya’ll know I only watch this for Tamera. Tamar can be a bit much to take in sometimes, but I’ve gotten used to her now. It’s not something I watch all the time, but I record it if I like the guest or topic that day. With everything on my DVR, something’s gotta give.

Supernatural: I was really close to giving up on this show last season, but I stuck it out. The only reason I recorded this new season was the first episode, which was a behind-the-scenes recap of the previous seasons, was SO well done that it did get me excited about the show again. I like the whole Deanmon twist, but we’ll see what the rest of the season brings.

Top Chef: I love almost any cooking or competition show, and I’m still into Top Chef, but it’s starting to get a little worn down. Twelve seasons in, it’s losing some steam. However, Richard Blais’ addition was a fantastic move. We’ll see if I keep this one up. None of the contestants are really that memorable this season, which isn’t helping.

Shows I’m so over

Sleepy Hollow: I just can’t find it in me to start this. I have all the episodes this season so far still sitting on my DVR. I’m pretty checked out at this point, and am fairly certain I’ll delete them. I might force myself to get through the premiere, but that is going to have to be stellar to keep me into it. It just got old fast. I barely made it through the last half of the first season. John Cho is the only thing that I think is done well in it.

On the Menu: Ty Pennington does not work for this show and even Emeril wasn’t able to salvage it for me. I gave up after three episodes. Cool concept but kinda boring.

Elementary: We let most all of last season pile up on the DVR, and then the first few episodes of this new season, and we just had to cut it loose for space sake on the DVR. I still like the show, but it just spiraled out of control and other shows took precedent. If it ever goes on Netflix streaming, I’d love to catch up again, but for now, I’m over it.

What shows are you loving this season?


October 21, 2014

scary movie challenge

Confession: I love scary movies. I just love being scared. I can’t watch them alone though, so I have to have my husband to cling on to and make me feel better about it afterward.

For the past few years, I’ve made it a point to watch both the first and second Final Destination films on Halloween. I’ve seen them so many times they’re no longer scary, but I still love watching them because it takes me back to the thrill of watching them the first time with my friends in high school. And, let’s be honest: Devon Sawa. To this day, I still panic while driving behind a flatbed semi carrying logs, thanks to the scene in Final Destination 2.

I have a pretty high tolerance for gore. Slashers are no problem for me. I mean, I made it easily through all of the Saw movies. Even You’re Next, Jeepers Creepers, Wrong Turn, Dawn of the Dead, Children of the Corn and Joy Ride all had their charm. But I also need a movie to grab me from the start. Too slow of a build up and I’m long gone. I even struggled getting into a few of the classics that made many “must see” lists like The Shining, People Under the Stairs and the first Paranormal Activity.

I do have a soft spot, though, for so-bad-they’re-good “scary” movies (a la Chucky, Yellowbrickroad, Idle Hands and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes). I don’t know what it is, but I think bad movies are hilarious, and I get excited to see how awful the effects and acting can be.

If I can choose the specific genre that I most love, it has to be suspense and anything paranormal. Ghosts and aliens terrify me like nothing else. And yes, I do believe in both of them. A good whodunit thriller can be just as scary though too. I like to get involved in a story, be on the edge of my seat (or behind my blanket) just waiting for something to happen, and when it does, I jump…or you know, almost pee my pants.

This year, instead of the usual Final Destination tradition, I was inspired to try something different and get out of my comfort zone. I wanted to challenge myself to watch new movies, including the classics that I simply never made the time to see. So I scoured lists all over the Internet for the best horror movies and compiled my own list of flicks to watch leading up to Halloween.

New-to-Me Movies on My To-Watch List

Friday the 13th (the original)
Wolf Creek
The Descent
The Thing (the original)
Rosemary’s Baby
Fire in the Sky
Dark Skies
Psycho (the original)
The Devil’s Backbone
Pet Sematary
Near Dark
The Dead Zone
Attack the Block
Session 9
The Changeling
The Brood
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Funny Games
The Mist

My Faves

While I do like most horror movies, I of course have my faves. For whatever reason or another, these are the movies that I liked so much that I recommend to you!

Drag Me to Hell
Secret Window
The Others
Skeleton Key
Amityville Horror (yes, the remake with Ryan Reynolds)
The Conjuring
The Strangers
Cabin in the Woods
The Ring
Silent Hill
The Purge
The Woman in Black
The Haunting in Connecticut

The Best Funny Horror Movies
Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
The ‘Burbs
Fright Night (the original)
Shaun of the Dead

The Few Horror Movies I Didn’t Like

Very few scary movies end up on my didn’t like list, but these I hated so much I can never recommend them to anyone. The first few were so disturbing, gory and revolting that even I couldn’t tolerate them, and the last few were so poorly written and/or lame that they had pretty much no redeeming qualities.

The Hills Have Eyes
The Devil’s Rejects
30 Days of Night
The Village
The Wicker Man
The Happening

Tell me: Do you like scary movies? Which are your faves?