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August 8, 2016

This past weekend, I went under the needle and got myself a brand-new tattoo.

It’s Alice in Wonderland-inspired with a daisy that says “in a world of my own.” It’s a line I often sing to myself from the movie.


All cred to Justin Nuddel at Golden Needle in Moorhead

Like Alice, I’m often in my own world. My own Wonderland. Down the rabbit hole.

The land inside my head is a busy place. It’s a place I visit a lot. It’s a place that brings me comfort and joy, and anxiety and sadness. It’s about the only thing that is private to me. My place of retreat.

I went into my appointment feeling down, the stress of feeling like a failure at work, at home and as a friend weighing on me. As I sat in that tattoo chair, with the familiar hum of the machine and the needle dragging against my skin, my spirits started lifting.

When I looked at the new artwork on my shoulder afterward, I felt relieved. When I got it home and cleaned up, I admired it, the smile on my face grew bigger and my heart felt lighter. I remembered some key things I’ve learned in therapy that started changing my outlook. After-ink mimosas and girl chat with a friend no doubt helped.

For me, this tattoo has been very therapeutic, very healing for my soul. The beauty on my skin is only beat by the beauty of the power of the needle.

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18 responses to “The Healing Power of the Needle”

  1. Meredith Williams says:

    Nice post, Amanda. Glad it helped.

  2. That tattoo is beautiful, and I love the message behind it!

  3. What a great message behind the tattoo!

  4. Elyse says:

    Gorgeous tatoo and I LOVE the message behind it!

  5. Christine Everyday says:


  6. The best tattoos are ones that make you feel something, anything, every time you see it. I’m happy you have that!

  7. Amanda says:

    Somehow they are therapeutic. When my great-grandmother passed away, I got at tattoo on my shoulder as a memorial to her. And it made me feel better because I feel like I have a little piece of her with me always.

  8. Hello Amanda,
    The tattoo looks great. The daisy that says “in a world of my own” is a very creative idea. I’m glad to hear that this tattoo has helped you fight those sad feelings.

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