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October 8, 2015

This is a special Golden Vlog this month because I am hosting! Yes, I’ve joined Faith and a group of gals to bring you this fab monthly vlog linkup.

This month, we decided to go a little more serious route and talk about our insecurities. Because of the topic, we cut it down to 5 questions instead of the usual 10.

Here we go!

This month’s prompts are:

1. What is your biggest insecurity?
2. How long have you struggled with it?
3. Do friends and family know about this insecurity?
4. What do you do to overcome it?
5. What advice would you give your younger self or anyone else struggling with their own insecurities?

I’d love if you join us!


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16 responses to “Talking About Insecurities: Golden Vlog”

  1. Charlene says:

    Congrats on co-hosting! How exciting! Also, your hair looks great! I can’t believe those are extensions! And girl, I am probably the most awkward person you could ever meet. I come home every night and lay in bed thinking about the things I said that day and basically hating myself for being so awkward. And that’s why I love writing too!

    • Amanda says:

      Thank you so much! Oh I’m sure you’re not the most awkward person. I worked in retail and the public library for awhile and saw a lot of weirdos, so you are good, I am sure!

  2. I totally feel you on the awkward when you first meet people thing. I never know what to say and normally end up saying something really awkward. I grew up as an only child as well even though I’m technically not. My brother lived about an hour away.

    • Amanda says:

      I’m super glad to hear I’m not alone in feeling that way. Turns out it’s more common than I thought. Awkward people unite, haha. Thanks for dropping by:)

  3. yay for taking action on your hair extensions so you feel better! they look totally natural! thanks for being so open and honest in this vlog. you are awesome and i’m so glad to know you!

    i’d love to go back and savor being a kid too. a lot.

  4. Faith says:

    I loved this!! I’m right there with you with being awkward in person. It’s horrible .. I have no words. Thank you for being open, honest and raw and for taking this journey with me as a host! Excited to see whats to come. Love the hair!!

  5. Leah says:

    YAYYYYY FOR HOSTING! So excited that we get to do this together. I’ve always loved watching your vlogs. 🙂

    I love how honest you are in this, Amanda. Seriously. Way to be proactive about your insecurities and do something to make yourself feel better! I think that people tend to shy away from talking about their physical insecurities most, but everybody has them!

    When you said that our insecurities were similar, I didn’t realize how similar you meant! Awkward people, unite. Why is it so hard to talk to people?! WHY! I really don’t trust myself when I just have to speak on the fly because I’ve said some stuuuuupid things before. Here’s to overcoming it!

    P.S. In our house, we celebrate birthday months. SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH.

    • Amanda says:

      I agree – this is a great partnership. Loving it!
      Thank you so much! And yes, we ALL have something we don’t like about yourself, but there’s no need to feel shameful about it. It’s normal, though I’d bet most of the time we’re the only ones that even notice it. Women are especially hard on themselves!
      And ugh, me too. Sometimes I just hate myself for saying certain things. I can’t help it though, it just comes out! Ugh!
      Thanks for the birth MONTH wishes, haha.

  6. Amanda says:

    You’re adorable, I swear! 😀 Can’t wait to hear about your hair extensions… my hair is super thin and fine so I know allll about that struggle.

  7. Cherie says:

    Oh man, I feel like you read my mind on a few of these points. Not the hair thing though. I have way too much hair and always have.

    As for the extensions — they look awesome. I never would have thought they were extensions if you hadn’t said anything! So they definitely look natural.

    I am the most awkward person I know. I recently moved to a new state and started a new job where I didn’t know anybody and I don’t know what to say to those people. Like you, I’m a little better if I know there’s a shared interest somewhere. But otherwise, I’m probably just going to stumble over my words or not talk at all. I wonder if I come off kind of snobby because of this… but usually I’d rather not say anything than have a really awkward interaction.

    And I also agree 100% on the going back and appreciating childhood thing. When I was a kid, I could not wait to grow up and now I just want to go back to the simple times! I don’t necessarily want to go through middle and high school again, but it was nice basically letting my parents handle everything and just worrying about my friends, my toys, and what I watched on TV haha. This paying bills stuff is for the birds.

    • Amanda says:

      Omg moving to a new place where you don’t know anyone is so tough. I’ve been there! I know some people think I’m a jerk because I’m not a chatterbox, but I remind themselves it’s on them to be judgemental without knowing me, so that’s OK. I agree though — even awkward silence is better than saying something stupid, so I tend to shut my trap too.
      Haha. “For the birds.” Love it!

  8. Whitney says:

    I’m an only child too and I feel like such a weirdo when I talk to people too!!

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