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January 21, 2015

I’ve been hearing about Stitchfix from other bloggers for so long, and I always sort of rolled my eyes at it. And then I got sucked in. Cassie’s most recent Stitchfix post is the one that finally sold me on it. And so I signed up, a little begrudgingly, but also secretly excitedly.

You see, as I’ve mentioned here and there lately, I’m really trying to a) declutter and purge my house of stuff I don’t like or use and b) work on my style and build my wardrobe into something I’m actually proud of. I have so many pieces of clothing I don’t love, that don’t make me feel good, that I keep because there’s nothing “wrong” with it, someone gave it to me, or I got a great deal on it. But I’ve since realized there’s no point in owning things that don’t enhance my life somehow – it has to make me feel food or serve a purpose. I’m still working on overhauling my closet, and I already have three bags of donations ready to go. Still, there’s hardly a dent in my closet. As I get rid of the so-so stuff, I’m also looking for new and better items to replace them that can build my wardrobe. I need more versatile, comfortable but stylish things that I truly love. And since shopping can be a drag, I like the idea of someone else doing it for me. Enter Stitchfix.

stitchfix papers

If you’re not familiar with Stitchfix, where have you been, it’s like a personal shopper/subscription box combo service. You fill out a style profile so they can get to know your size, body type, needs and wants, likes and dislikes. You can sign up for a box every month, every other month or every 3 months. To start, I did every other month. You pay a $20 styling fee each box, which can then be applied to the items you keep.

stitchfix box

Each time you get a box, one of the Stitchfix stylists gets to work hand-picking five items for you – it’s mostly clothing, but they also do scarves, jewelry, shoes, handbags and similar accessories now and then. When you get the box, you can try on all the items at home and you have three days to decide what you want to keep. Whatever you don’t like, you can send back, free of charge, in a return bag they include in the box. Whatever you keep, you then pay for the remaining cost of the items.

Each box includes a print-out of the cost of each item and a few ideas to style them. If you keep all five items, you get a 25% discount on everything. If you hate it all and send everything back, you do lose the $20 styling fee, otherwise that fee is applied to your final purchase, even if you only keep one thing.

Most items are a little more expensive than I would typically pay for, but they are high-quality, versatile pieces that are worth it. I decided to invest in my wardrobe so I feel good about it again, and sometimes that means paying more (within reason).

For my first box, I included super extensive notes for my stylist, because I was paranoid I’d get stuff I hated. I told her that I did not want any shorts or short skirts, no shoes, jewelry or accessories for this first one, and that I wanted some new items to stretch my winter wardrobe.

Here’s what Lindsay picked out for me:

*pardon the poor quality of the photos. We struggled pretty bad with lighting, and rushed through them over the weekend in between other to-dos, and I didn’t do my hair or makeup, so I was feeling pretty blah. And in retrospect I hate all the clutter that’s in these pics too. I’ll do better next time.*

Solana Color Block Cardigan – $68

colorblock cardigan

I loved almost everything about this cardigan – it was my style, fit well and was versatile. I actually was planning to keep it … until I looked at the tag and realized it was dry clean only. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat! I can handle hand-wash only, but dry cleaning is too much maintenance for me. Now I know to include that note for future boxes though. Lesson learned! Returned.

Dita Sleeveless Ponte Dress – $68

stitchfix dress

Initially, I loved this dress, but the more I wore it, the more I didn’t love it. The style was great, the length was perfect and the price was right. But, the material was just heavy enough that it clung and draped in an unflattering way, and I just don’t think I had the right body for it. I didn’t quite fill out the top half, and the bottom half needed some shapewear under it so errthing was smooth back there, and again, ain’t nobody got time fo dat. I prefer lighter fabrics for dresses so it’s more flowy and less clingy, like my eShakti dress. Returned.

Anita Skinny Pant – $78

stitchfix pants

These pants and I … it was love at first sight. The material is soft, I liked the look, they’re leggings that look like pants, and best of all, the fabric is stretchy. I was hesitant to try them on though, because with my small waist but big hips, it’s really hard to find a good fit. I wasn’t expecting these to fit, but they did, and they felt like a dream. They’re like wearing heaven. They’re soft and stretchy and oh so comfortable, yet stylish and versatile. No joke, when I put them on, I literally whispered, ‘I love you.’ The only issue is the legs were too long (what’s new), so I tried rolling them up, and surprisingly, it totally worked. I love these so much that I wore them two days in a row right after I got them. The price is more than I’ve ever paid for pants in my life, but I know these will last me a while and I will get a lot of wear out of them. Kept.

Dano Lace Trimmed Cardigan – $48

gray cardi

This was the only miss in the box. I knew from the moment I unfolded this cardigan that it was not going to work, but I tried it on anyway … and I was right. It’s kind of awful. It had OK elements, like the lace trim, but the placement of it was weird. The trim started on the hips, which accentuated them in a way that I was not a fan of. They were like saddlebags. Beyond the lace fail, it was far too big and loose and unflattering. I don’t mind a flowy, drapey sweater, but this was just not working. Returned.

Devon Lace Back Blouse – $48

lace blouse

This shirt had so much potential, but fell just a little bit short. Literally. It was too short. It had an amazing lace back that I totally loved, but the front felt too old-lady looking to get over. I came close to overlooking the length and front just because of that back, but I reminded myself of the new rule: I have to 100% love something to keep it. Close, but not quite. Returned.

Overall, this was a great fix, and the issues with the returns are minor. Lindsay got my style for the most part, and I think my feedback will help a lot for future ones. Again, the only thing that was totally off was the lace cardigan. The other three returns were so close. Even though I’m only keeping the pants, I’m really pleased with this box, with Stitchfix in general, and have high hopes for future fixes!

If you want to try Stitchfix, even if you’re on the fence, I really would encourage you to try it. I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far. If you do sign up, please use THIS referral link. If you sign up with my link, I get a credit for future boxes. Help a sistah out:)

Did I make the right choices on my items? Do you like Stitchfix?

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25 responses to “My First Stitchfix”

  1. Like you, I haven’t (well, hadn’t) tried stitch fix yet because I just haven’t been sold on it. Good to read a lot more about it though! One question, is there any way to set a ‘price range’ on items? I’d be worried that I would get sent items that are way more than I would want to pay, return all 5 items, and continuously lose out on the $20!

    • Yes! In your style profile, you can set your price range for items – for me, I chose “the cheaper, the better” for all items, except for dresses, I said $50-100. You could also mention in your notes something about price so they really get the idea:) It is more expensive than Target and JCPenney, where I generally buy my clothes, but I do like having some higher-quality items in my closet too, so I’m OK with it if the item is right. May as well give it a shot!

  2. Teresa K says:

    I was tempted by your description; I could use some style advice. But they don’t have anything near my size, and don’t ship outside the US, so I’m out. But now I’m wondering if there’s something that would work. It might be worth it to get some advice from a professional

  3. Meagan says:

    Love Stitch Fix! You can actually do it more than once a month – not something I would do often, but am right now in hopes that they send me some good stuff for my beach vacation!

    Love the pants you kept. Bummer about the dry clean only, that would turn me off too!

    • Oh really! I didn’t see that option, but that’s OK – to start out I wanted to commit to less anyway. That is nice though, like you said, for times you want several pieces for a specific reason. So far, so good with Stitchfix!

  4. thanks for the thorough description! i, like you, have been seeing them all over the place but feel like some of the pricing of clothes is a bit high too. loooove those pants you kept, i’m having pants envy over here!

    • Yeah, I agree – it’s definitely more than I prefer to pay for clothes, but I think it’s worth it – especially by getting rid of lots of my current stuff I don’t love and by buying fewer clothes on impulse at the store anyway. Trying to view my wardrobe as an investment is helping me feel better about it. I’d rather have fewer items I love (even if it means paying more for them) than a ton of stuff I’m so-so on. And yeah, those pants are a total dream.

  5. What a great and honest review, I’m hesitant to try it because it’s way more than I pay for most of my “every day” clothes. Those pants do sound like a DREAM though and they look great on you.

    • Yeah, that put me off for awhile, but I finally decided to give it a shot. It’s still more than I’d like to pay, but by getting rid of so much already and making fewer impulse purchases, I think it’s worth it. We’ll see how long their items hold up, but as long as I love the pieces I keep, I feel OK about spending on them…within reason anyway.

  6. Cassie says:

    So glad you did it! I didn’t love that gray cardigan either– I only kept it because it made my stitch cheaper with the discount for keeping all the items! I’m glad you had a good experience 🙂

    • Me too, actually. This is all your fault, lol. Oh yeah, if I had loved everything else, I totally would have kept it too. With some alterations, it could have worked. The shape was just so awkward though. Excited for my next box!

  7. Samantha C. says:

    Oh I loved reading this! I have been dying to try Stitchfix but I have been waiting…I don’t know what for..but I think I really need to just try it!

    • Girl, you should totally try it. Even just for a month or two to see if you like it. I held off for so long but now and really glad I finally went for it. Maybe I’ll be singing a different tune if I get a box and hate everything, but now I can say I tried it at least. Do it!!!:)

  8. Rebecca says:

    Those pants look so good on you! Totally worth the box!

  9. Arielle says:

    I have had the same thoughts as you on Stitchfix. I’m glad you gave it a try though!

  10. I love the pants. I think you made good choices.

  11. Jessa says:

    My biggest fear is that I won’t like anything and I”ll lose the $20. I’ve heard it has some hits and miss with other bloggers. I want to do it because I want a better wardrobe but I’m also super nervous and picky.

    • I was super nervous about that too, so I made super thorough notes for my stylist to help my chances. I do imagine there could be a day where I don’t want to keep anything, but for my first box anyway, I’m pretty impressed. Hey, may as well give it a shot!

  12. Mary says:

    I love the idea of Stitch Fix, and getting clothes in the mail. But I just couldn’t pay those prices; I’ve always been a bargain shopper. I wish there was a cheaper version though, haha.

    • Yeah, I balked at the prices too for awhile, but finally decided to just give it a go. My rule though is I have to 100% love AN item to keep it, so that makes the price more worth it. And so many of clothes that are cheaper often don’t last as long anyway, so we’ll see how these hold up.

  13. […] somehow still don’t know what Stitchfix is, check out my first post explaining how it works HERE, and see what I got in my second and third box […]

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