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September 9, 2014

sitting in eshakti dress

Have you ever tried on a piece of clothing and instantly loved it? It’s kind of like coming home after you’ve been gone, or eating a heavenly piece of cake after dieting, or meeting the love of your life. It just feels so right.

eshakti bannerGuys, I met that piece of clothing, and it is my eShakti dress.

OK, let me backtrack a bit. I’ve seen many other bloggers post about eSkati, and not gonna lie: I was totally jealous. I wanted to get an eShakti dress so bad, and did add one to my cart, but just couldn’t bring myself to check out because of the price. I knew I could get like four dresses at Target on sale for the price of one, so I sadly closed the window and went on with life. But, they stayed in my mind and I kept thinking about that dress. I told myself I’d just buy one as a birthday present to myself.

And then one day I’m just at home scrolling through my email and I see the subject line and sender…and I completely freak out. I legit squealed and fist pumped, and my husband asked what the heck was going on. It was an invitation to review an item from eShakti! I almost never was so excited for something.

I picked out my dress, had my husband measure me, and I selected the size the measurement chart said I was. When I came home and the box was sitting on the table, I literally squealed again, threw my purse on the floor, grabbed the box and skipped to the bedroom to try it on. …and it was too big. WOMP WOMP. I was so sad. It was loose in the chest (imagine that) and hung a little lower on my knees than I thought it would and it was just kind of awkward.

I forlornly emailed my contact there and explained the situation, hoping and praying they could send me a smaller one, but not really expecting the answer to be yes…but it was! They were SO kind and understanding and offered to let me select a new dress (the one I originally picked was now out of fabric) and if I sent them all my measurements, they would make me a 100% custom dress fit to me, not to a size chart. I found a new gorgeous bird pattern dress that I fell in love with and remeasured myself (turns out some numbers were wrong the first time. Oops.), and sent off my new order.

The day my replacement came, I did my happy dance again and hurriedly tried it on. Guys. IT WAS PERFECT. Like, it felt like so right. I loved it so much. Instantly. Then I strutted myself out to the living room, asked my husband if he liked it, and before he could answer I said “Good because I love it and it’s the best thing ever! Whee!!!” and skipped around the house.

twirling in eshaktiA good dress should make you want to twirl

eshakti dress leg kickAnd kick up your leg

But before I wrote a review, I wanted to actually wear it for a day first. So one gorgeous day, I wore it to work and got several compliments on it. I felt soo good in it. It’s super comfortable, the fit and cut is flattering, it wears well, it’s modestΒ  yet super cute, and I felt girly and pretty wearing it. Oh, AND IT HAS POCKETS. I didn’t even take it off when I got home, so I curled up on the couch with snacks while still wearing it. When I washed it (because it’s not dry clean only! What what!), I was nervous it might shrink, but it totally didn’t. Seriously, I can’t get enough. I love this dress.

eshakti dress pocketsThis is me showing off the pockets

back of dressEven the back looks good!

And now I can honestly say that after seeing the quality of the dress, the great customer service from the company, the wide selection, the great fit, and the ability to have it custom designed, it is 100% worth the cost. I would absolutely have paid for this dress. In fact, I totally am going to order more stuff from them soon. A quality dress that is comfortable, flattering and versatile is something every lady needs, and I’m already thinking of all the occasions I can wear mine. To my upcoming ND blogger retreat. To a wedding. To my high school reunion. To church. To work. To book club. To my photoshoot. To the doctor (why not?!).

eshakti dress detail

More reasons you should love eShakti too? They carry sizes 0-36. I love that women of any size can have a reliable company to help them look amazing. And you can totally customize your items too – change the neckline, hemline, pockets, sleeves, etc. As much as I love me some Target, that ain’t happenin’ therre.

The even better news is that eShakti gives you $25 off your first order, so make sure to check out their selection and sign up! You can also find them online on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. They often have BOGOs, clearance specials and other deals. They have my full endorsement.

eshakti dress

*I received this dress for free in exchange for reviewing it, but all opinions are my own.

Do you have anything from eShakti?

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35 responses to “The Perfect Dress Should Make You Want to Twirl”

  1. Nicole says:

    Gorgeous! I have yet to find that perfect piece of clothing that makes me twirl, haha!

  2. I’m so glad you loved it! Mine has been shipped. I’ve drug my feet on it forever.

  3. Very pretty! Love that color blue on you! And that’s awesome that they let you get a new dress that fit better.

    • Thank you! And I know – they were just so kind and accommodating, which of course made me love them even more! That’s the kind of customer service I wish more had these days. Can’t wait to try more of their stuff!

  4. Kaitlin Rose says:

    You look so lovely! I’m all about some eShakti. They’re my favorite brand right now. Love everything they stand for and the quality of their products!

  5. That dress is absolutely adorable! Totally merits all that excitement. πŸ™‚

  6. Krystal R. says:

    You look great!!! Love the fit of the back of it in that pic where you’re showing off the back! πŸ™‚ Good job girlie!

  7. Meagan says:

    I can’t say I had the same experience. I got a shirt that was way too small, and was told to send it back and I’d get one with my measurements – but it never came! This was in July too. Sad. But I love that dress – so original! πŸ™‚

  8. that is such a cute dress and totally agree that the perfect dress should make you twirl! love that they also had great customer service too.

    i will have to check them out!

  9. I absolutely love that dress. It’s so perfect for you. And you’re right, a good dress should make you want to twirl! Time to add them to my list!

  10. Paulina says:

    I almost got this dress. It is such an amazing color.

  11. That’s such a cute dress on you!

  12. I LOVE the title of this post. I actually have not heard of eShatki but am incredibly intrigued.

    You’re right. Every dress should make you want to twirl. And I love your over the shoulder picture. It’s like, I may not be a model but this dress makes me feel like one.

    Love it.

    • Thank you! And you HAVE to check them out! I mean, the cute stuff that is 100% customizable is good enough, but the customer service has been great too, so I just love supporting something like that. I for sure will be getting more. But sign up to get the new customer deal for sure!

  13. Love the bird design! So glad it worked out for you the second time around and that you found a dress to truly be excited over. πŸ™‚

  14. Emily Finta says:

    Love the bird on the dress! Dresses should definitely make you want to twirl! I even have a few pairs of pants that are so comfy that make me want to dance & do things I can’t do in jeans. Very weird, I know. haha

  15. Caroline says:

    Ha, so fun! Beautiful!!!

  16. I love your dress! Mine was actually a little big as well. But it had a belt so it was OK and I didn’t bother with a return or anything. If I ever get another one, I’ll do the custom sizing.

  17. Raewyn says:

    I love this dress!! It is perfect with the bird on the front!! I have been so jealous of all of the eShakti posts, too! I will definitely go and buy one as soon as I can splurge!

  18. […] time fo dat. I prefer lighter fabrics for dresses so it’s more flowy and less clingy, like my eShakti dress. […]

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