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August 7, 2014

Hey look who’s late to the party! Me again! I’ve been wanting to linkup for this accent vlog challenge for days but never got to it till tonight. I was nervous to record myself, but decided to just go for it. I love watching all the other vlogs from you guys, so what the heck.

Disclaimer: Since I am technology challenged, I recorded this by literally holding up my phone next to my computer with the questions pulled up, so the angles and lighting are absolutely awful and I apologize. I also make some weird faces and hate how I look and what I did in some parts, but in my effort to stop caring and just let me be me, here it is. Without a lick of editing … but that may also be due to not knowing how to edit it. Also all recorded in one swift take!

Special bonus: at the end I rant a little bit about about the strange ways people pronounce words here. So I’d like to take a poll. Is it kitty corner or catty corner? Is karaoke pronounced carry-oh-key or kuh-row-key?

I’m super interested to find out if you guys think I have an accent. As I mention in the video, I’m originally from northern Indiana but have lived in North Dakota for the past 10 years, and both ways of saying things come out in certain words. At the end of the day though, I consider myself a Hoosier and still say many words and phrases the Indiana way. I actually tease my friends up here probably too much for the way they say things. Of course I’m in the minority now but it’s kind of fun to be aware of those differences.

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35 responses to “My Accent Vlog/Rant About Karaoke”

  1. It’s definitely catty-corner for me and carry-oh-key lol! You’re so brave to record yourself – I don’t have the guts to do that yet lol!

  2. These accent videos are fun! Maybe I should do one! I can hear a difference in your o’s for sure. And Kewroki?? that just makes me think of the frog character from the Sanrio brand. right?! Weird!

    • They are so fun! I love watching them all and hearing what words are the same and what we say different. You should totally do one! I know, isn’t it soo weird?! It doesn’t even sound remotely right. But they also call casseroles “hotdishes” here, which is another super weird thing.

  3. I can totally hear the influence living in North Dakota had on your accent! I heard it more when you were just talking and not saying the words, though.

  4. I totally hear some of that Hoosier left in there 😉 I have family from southern Wisconsin and into Indiana. I can hear a little bit of their accent in your voice. Definitely hear the North Dakota one as well! You’re adorable, embrace the accents!

  5. You are so cute! I love this! I definitely hear a bit of an accent on the O’s. And the karaoke thing cracks me up! Do they seriously say that?

    • Thank you! Really. People actually say kuh-row-key. I just tried to find one of the radio ads so you could hear it, but they must put those up online. So weird, right?! Regional differences are so fascinating!

  6. Kaitlin Rose says:

    I’m gonna have to film this one in the morning. I have a mix of a California and Southern accent. I sound weird. Oh and it’s definitely carry-oh-key. And catty corner.

    • Oh do it, I’d love to watch yours! Thank you! I think these people are crazy the way they say things. I mean, I’ve traveled a good amount and not once have I EVER heard either of those pronunciations. Till I got here, of course. Haha. I try to view it as endearing.

  7. Awww I loved being able to see you! It was like we were “meeting.” I think you have a tiny bit of an accent but not super noticeable. After I moved to TN from CA I could not believe some of the names they have for things. I still have to ask my husband to translate what he’s saying sometimes. Buggy?!? Uh…no…cart.

    • That’s what I love so much about vlogs! I’ve watched some of the other accent videos from bloggers I follow, and I love being able to physically see and hear them. I mean, reading their posts area great, but to see them speak and watch their mannerisms is so much more personal!

  8. catty-corner and carry-oh-key for me!

  9. lindsay says:

    I definitely have the North Dakotan/Minnesotan accent, I’m sure. (Not as bad as some, though, right?)

    I do say cary-o-kee, and for some reason Ka-roh-kee drives me nuts. Gross.

    Another weird thing is a lot of Minnesotans say “supper” instead of dinner. I say breakfast, lunch and dinner, not supper.

    And I’ve never heard anyone say catty corner. Don’t hate me for that one.

    • Oh Lindsay, I don’t think I’ve ever detected an accent on you. Oh yeah, supper is so weird. It’s dinner. What’s even weirder is that Cal’s dad calls lunch dinner. So while I have breakfast, lunch and dinner, he has breakfast, dinner and supper. Oh, you should ask in California if they vote for kitty or catty corner. I’m curious:)

  10. This was super cute! I can definitely hear your accent but its pretty slight. English is my second language and for whatever reason i can pick up accents pretty easily. We just moved south and my “twang” now comes out more often

  11. Samantha says:

    I don’t think you have an accent 🙂 And I have never heard of a rolly polly (I don’t even know how to spell that!)

  12. Krystal R. says:

    So fun I really need to do one. of course I know I would be deemed to have an accent though haha

  13. Amanda says:

    I always love hearing different accents 🙂

    I think you have one, but it’s kinda subtle!

    (I’m from South Africa)

  14. Hahahaha I definitely hear your accent on your o’s. For sure. But don’t worry, I apparently say my o’s weird too.
    And I agree with you on how you say Kareoke. And I also say catty corner. Kitty corner is just weird.

  15. OH MY GOSH YOU SOOO HAVE AN ACCENT. and it’s adorable.

    (it’s carry-oh-key)

  16. Faith & Love says:

    It really depends on where you’re from b/c in GA we say Soda. Not pop. and we say buggy. :p

  17. eHa says:

    I studied Japanese in college so I now say sake and karaoke like how they say it in Japan. sah-kay and carry-oh-kay.

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