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July 11, 2014

Fun fact: I used to sell Avon in high school. I was awful. My mom was pretty much my only customer. So I quit. Then for some silly reason about five years ago, on a whim I tried my hand at direct selling again for a now-defunct company called Sensaria. Another bomb. I’m just awkward hosting parties, I hate pressuring people to buy from me, I don’t particularly like talking to people in general, and I’m in no way a good sales person.

That being said, I LOVE being a customer. Now, I know that many people aren’t a fan of all those companies out there with home parties. I totally get it, I really do. But I’m the rare breed that loves them. Here’s why:

-It’s an excuse to party with my girlfriends. I love having more reasons to ask my girls over and hang out.

-Wine. At every party. Plus when I host, I go overboard with snacks. At the parties at my place, you WILL be fed very well. And who doesn’t love a good hors d’ourves spread?!

-We get to play with products whether or not we buy. Even if you don’t need kitchenware, a new purse or candles, who doesn’t love trying them?

-Supporting other women’s businesses. I have several friends and family who sell Mary Kay, Thirty One, Lia Sophia, Scentsy, Pampered Chef, etc. I love that I get to show my support to them simply by purchasing their products. Now, I won’t buy something if I wouldn’t otherwise be getting it at Target, so as long as it’s something I need or can use, why not get it from a friend to help her out?

-You get good quality items without having to leave your home. Perfect for lazy people such as myself.

-The service from the representatives are great. If you find or know a good sales lady with one of these businesses, they’ll get to know you and what you like and need and will let you know when your favorite products go on sale, or remind you that it might be time to replace that mascara because it’s been a year since the last mascara order. I like that my reps show me they pay attention and care about serving me well.

-Many of them support charities as well, and/or donate portions of proceeds to local non-profits. I like companies who do good in the world.

I’ve had countless parties through various home-based party businesses. I try to not do more than one or two a year though so I don’t overwhelm my friends because I know not everyone likes them, or feels pressured to buy just by coming. To me though, I don’t mind it. If I don’t want to buy, I’ll say no. A good rep and host will understand. I never expect everyone to order! I get it.

Now, let me tell you about one company that I have a problem resisting–Lia Sophia, a jewelry company. I have so many different pieces from them. But, I wear every single piece often. Seriously, these days, I feel naked if I leave the house without some jewelry. I think that it’s such an easy way to elevate your appearance. I’m awful at doing my own makeup and hair, but even I can’t screw up wearing jewelry. Even just one necklace can take your look from plain to put-together. Lia Sophia has high-quality jewelry and a wide selection. They’re trendy and versatile. Yes, some other jewelry companies are cheaper, but so are the products. Plus, Lia Sophia has an amazing return policy and lots of great monthly specials to make it more affordable. And, they treat their representatives really well, which I appreciate. I really can’t say enough good things about Lia Sophia. That’s coming from the heart, ya’ll.

Lia Sophia rewards their hostesses really well too. For instance, they have many hostess bonus items, where if you host a party, you can get the expensive items for way cheap. I’m hosting my own party so that I can get an amazing almost-$100 statement necklace for $15. In addition to that, you earn so much free jewelry. That I can’t say no to.

So, I talked to my friend and Lia Sophia rep Jenna to see if she could have a special offer for my beloved blog readers. She graciously agreed to give Notes from a Newlywed readers a special offer of $5 off any $50 order, or $10 off $80 orders. And, that’s in addition to the existing July guest special: buy one, get two half off. What makes that offer awesome is the full price item CAN be the least expensive, so I advise picking out an inexpensive pair of stud earrings so that you can get two of the pretty necklaces for half off. Oh, and feature items are on sale for up to 70% off. What! It’s really a great deal!

Click here to see the current specials.

If you are so inclined to place an order, that would be sweet. But no pressure, because pressure is lame. If you do though, visit to view the catalog and place your order. From there, click on “browse our jewelry” and make sure to put my name (Amanda Hofland) in the “hostess look up” field. That gets me the credit of your order and earns me more free things:) Make sure to order no later than July 16!

If you’re not familiar with the Lia products, I snapped a few pictures over the last couple weeks of my favorite pieces as I was wearing them. Apologies for the awkward selfies.

lazy daisy lia sophiaThe lazy daisy necklace is soo perfect for summertime.

lia sophia necklaceThe lily pad necklace is one of the sale items right now!

two lia necklacesWhy yes I am wearing two necklaces at once because I do what I want.

lia sophia earringsHow amazing are these earrings?! I have another pair in green.

necklace as a beltAt my bridal shower, I wore one of the long necklaces as a belt!

Chime lia earrings I love these earrings. They look good with almost everything, but I forgot to snap a picture of my own. Photo:

Do you have a favorite direct-sale/home-party business?

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14 responses to “What I love about direct sale companies”

  1. Nicole says:

    I’m the same way. I totally want to sell something, like Jamberry nails, but I’m so bad at hosting and selling, haha!
    Have you ever been to an Epicure party? oh my gosh! dips everywhere, spices on everything, so good! I swear I gain a pound every time I go to one.

  2. Bex Stark says:

    I’m always wanting to wear two necklaces together like that and I can never figure it out you did such a good job.

  3. aduross5 says:

    I love home parties for the exact reasons you mention…a get together with friends, drinks, snacks, and a way to support your friends? Sign me up! That jewelry is beautiful! What a great idea for that long necklace. I never would have thought of that!

  4. Lily Grace says:

    That’s some lovely jewelry, I’m really liking the necklaces. Great post, I agree with you on the direct sales companies. I personally tried selling MaryKay but was not too good at it. I too was in high school and my mom and sister were my only two clients.

    Lily Grace

    • Aren’t they amazing necklaces! I just love them! It definitely takes a rare breed to be a good salesperson and consistently be successful in those home-based businesses. I wish I could do it! Glad I’m not the only one who failed at that, haha. Thanks for the comment!

  5. I love those types of business too…It’s a convenient way to have your own business. I bought some Scentsy from one of my coworkers a few weeks ago and that was fun. Maybe some day I’ll have the time to sell something like that…we’ll see haha.

    • Yess!! I totally wish I had it in me to sell stuff like that, but I just don’t, so I’m happy to be a customer. I mean, if it’s something I can use and would be buying anyway, I’d rather buy it from a friend to help support them instead of some corporation!

  6. Allison says:

    I so wish I could wear a necklace as a belt. You are so adorable!!!

  7. I love those two necklaces together. I’m such a sucker for jewelry. My clothes style is very simple. But I like it because just changing out the necklace and earrings make it look like an entirely new outfit!!!

    • Oh my gosh I know, I think that’s what I love the most about jewelry, is its ability to totally make an outfit look so much better. I dress plain most days anyway, so adding a cute necklace to a tee or tank/cardigan is easy. Winning, haha!

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