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March 18, 2014

foods for a man lunch box

For a long time, my husband’s job was only a couple blocks from our apartment, so he would come home on his lunch break to fend for himself. But now, he’s got a new job that’s out of town and he can no longer swing home for food. On his first day, I packed him a lunch that I would have packed for me … but then he came home and reported that it wasn’t enough to tide over his manly appetite. So I put in a plea for ideas to fill man tummies from my wise sister in law and online, consulted Pinterest, wrote a few lists of my own and now have a pretty good grasp of what it takes to subside a big appetite during the workday.

Ideally you’d have enough leftovers from the previous day’s dinners to pack up as a lunch, but sometimes you just can’t do that. Here’s a list of foods that we like in our household that work great in lunches — for your man or for you!:

Main dish

meat, cheese and veggie
tuna salad
chicken salad
egg salad

-homemade pizzas (even the English muffin or bagel kind!)

-hot dogs or sausage

-pickledinks (or ham, cream cheese and pickles rolled up in a tortilla)


-big salads with black beans

-pasta salad

Sides and fillers

-Cuties or Halos

-other fruit – banana, grapes, apple

-crackers with peanut butter

-celery with peanut butter (and raisins if he likes ’em for ants on a log)

-carrots or broccoli with ranch

-hard-boiled eggs

-baked beans

-Hawaiian rolls

-chips with dip or salsa

-pudding cups


-fruit cups

-granola bars


-cashews or other nuts

-cheese sticks or cubes

-pretzel sticks

-cookies or bars

man lunch box close up

As a last resort, have some frozen burritos, hot pockets, canned soups, Ramen cups, prepackaged macaroni cups or tuna salad mixes on hand he can grab during times you’re running low on the good stuff.

Make it fun and get a new lunchbox, new storage containers with dividers, some small resealable cups for salsa, dressing, etc. It makes it more fun for you to pack and him to eat! (Not that the wife must always pack her husband’s lunch. Cal often packs his own, but sometimes I like to do it for him for fun.)

Oh, and always include a love note!

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9 responses to “Packing a Manly Lunch”

  1. Ashley says:

    Very manly lunch. Thanks for sharing!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle
    *100 Books in a Lifetime Giveaway happning now!*

  2. Amberly says:

    I love all of these ideas! I’ll have to remember them when I pack Joe’s lunches. I’m always at a loss because he wants so much food 😛 haha

  3. Kari says:

    I remember you tweeting about this a while back. Great job…most of those things are items I know D puts to use in his own lunch. I’ve only packed his lunch a couple of times…but since we don’t live together yet, there’s not as much opportunity to do that. However, I will keep this in mind when the time comes! 😉

    • Thanks! Definitely keep in mind for later:) I think the key is to just load it up with more than you think he can physically eat to make sure he won’t go hungry and aim for something from every food group so that he gets a balanced meal too.

  4. eHa says:

    We usually pack leftovers for lunch too! But whenever I pack a lunch for him, my husband never eats it all because I’ve packed too much. Which is a shame since he’s too skinny and I’d like him to gain some weight. He’s a teacher so he doesn’t get a very long time to eat lunch and I guess he just can’t eat very fast.

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