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101 goals imageI saw this on Meagan’s blog and loved the idea so much, I knew I had to make my own 101 Goals in 1,001 Days list.

Upon doing a quick Google, I learned that this is a big thing, called the Day Zero Project. What I like about this version is that it gives you so much time to complete the list. Some goals can be small, achievable things; some may be lofty, and that’s OK. It’s easy to get complacent in life and stay in your rut, so here’s what I want to challenge myself to do in the next 2.75 years.

Items will be crossed off when they’ve been accomplished.

Start date: April 18, 2014
End date: January 13, 2017

101 Goals

For Me
-Take one entire week off of work, with no vacation plans or commitments, and do absolutely whatever I want.
-Find a new local church.
-Make a business plan for my kitty hotel idea.
-Pay off ALL of my credit cards. (When Plans Change)
-Relearn sewing and buy a new machine.
-Pick up crocheting again.
-Try yoga.
-Learn more about other religions.
-Pick a completely random book out of my usual comfort zone and force myself to read the entire thing.
-Research my family tree and start an ancestry notebook for our children. (in progress!)
-Take a painting class.
-Find a tennis partner and play a few games.
-Pick out my favorite inspirational quotes and display them somehow in my house.
-Keep a log for one month, writing down one positive thing that happened each day. (Aug. 25-Sept. 25, 2014)
-Make a YouTube playlist of the videos I find funny or inspirational to watch when I’m feeling sad.
-Write a post about my grandparents and repurpose it into something I can put in a scrapbook.
-Do 5 crafts or DIY projects that I normally wouldn’t do. (So far: Photo coasters)
-Build a fort in my living room and sleep in it.
-Make a list of one notable memory or achievement from every year of my life, with a photo if possible, for a scrapbook that I can build onto every year.
-Volunteer to do one task at work outside of my regular duties. (Christmas party committee!)
-Finish reading my whole stack of old magazines.
-Wash my face at night every single night for a week straight.
-Try pairing my accessories with different clothing outside of my usual stylings. Come up with 3 new outfits based on this.
-Dress nicely enough for 7 days in a row that I feel comfortable posting a photo from every day on the blog.
-Learn how to do a smoky eye on myself.
-Have a bangin’ party for my 30th birthday.
-Convince the husband to let me get a hedgehog.
-Try going to therapy
-Learn how to play poker or some other game that I can play in Vegas.
-Learn how to change a tire, oil or something on my car.
-Learn a new way to style my hair successfully.
-Take on a new freelance writing assignment outside of my current commitments.
-Explore 10 new-to-me local businesses or stores in my town.
-Have a technology-free/unplugged weekend.
-Write something out of my comfort zone, like a short story or a series of poems.

Smart Living
-Have a successful spending freeze for one whole month, only paying bills and buying necessities like groceries and gas.
-Try the envelope system for one month.
-Institute bi-monthly budget meetings to check in on eachother’s spending, savings balance, etc.
-Clean and purge with the change of each season to slowly get rid of more clutter.
-Make a living will.
-Build up an emergency saving’s fund.

Food Related
-Start a garden and eat food that I grew!
-Try “growing” some of those foods that regenerate themselves.
-Cook an advanced meal like Coq au Vin or Turducken.
-Go meatless one day a week for a month or more.
-Try Brussels Sprouts.
-Make a pie 100% from scratch.
-Make a week’s worth (or more!) of freezer meals.
-Make my own cookbook with my favorite recipes and make copies for family members, friends, future children, etc.
-Visit my local farmer’s market and buy my produce from there rather than grocery store for one summer.
-Go to 5 restaurants in town that I’ve never been to. (So far: Blarney Stone, Boiler Room, Stumbeano’s)

For the Home
-Redecorate one room of our home with actual matching items.
-Buy or make (and use!) a mail organizer.
-Make inspiration boards for decorating/furnishing my future home.

For My Relationship
-Have a Vegas weekend with the husband.
-Have a picnic in the park.
-Watch 5 movies that the husband likes that I’ve never seen, and would never watch otherwise. (So far: Little Shop of Horrors, The Sandlot)
-Secretly wake up early one morning and make my husband breakfast in bed.
-Stick to a weekly date night for two whole months straight, no exceptions.
-Stargaze for one hour or more one night with the husband.
-Let my husband pick out an outfit for me and wear it out on a date.
-Give a fun, creative gift to my husband for our 1st wedding anniversary based on the traditional gifts.
-Take Cal to see a Hockey game. (Done for his 30th birthday!)
-Learn how to cut and style my husband’s hair like a pro!
-Book a couple’s massage at a swanky spa.
-Wash my husband’s car, inside and out, and gas it up, one day for no reason.

Life Related
-Foster an animal.
-Buy a house.
-Start the process to adopt a child.
-Host a couple’s dinner party.
-Host a holiday gathering/meal for the family at our house.

For Others
-Pay for someone else’s order in a drive-thru. (My Friday)
-Scatter positive notes and inspirational quotes somewhere in public to brighten someone’s day. (Stole this idea from Katie)
-Mail handwritten notes to friends and family for no reason other than to tell them how awesome they are. (One down)
-Write letters to my future children.
-Write a nice note, with 100% tip, for a server that was exceptional.
-Call the managers of stores to praise employees that were exceptionally kind and helpful.
-Find 5 free or cheap ways to volunteer or help the world, or 5 nonprofit organizations that are making a difference, and do something to help them. (So far:
-Write a letter to each of my parents thanking them for raising me and tell them what I love most about them and my favorite memories with them.
-Compliment a stranger.
-Donate $5 every month for one year to a charity or local nonprofit.
-Offer to babysit a couple’s kids so they can have a date night.

For My Pets
-Make my own cat food for a week.
-Make an end-of-life plan for my pets.
-Find a way to keep Brick off the bed.
-Get a portrait of my childhood pets.
-Make a music video featuring my cats, or start a video series about Little Girl.

For the Blog
-Go on a blate! (Blogger Weekend)
-Ask my readers to send me specific topics to write about on the blog…and write them!
-Guest post on 5 other blogs without it being part of a sponsorship. (A la Maxfield, The New Wifestyle, Beyoutiful Beauty, Rebecca Chapman, Sage the Blog)
-Have one month where every single blog post is written and scheduled ahead of time.
-Make more designed image/photos for each of my blog’s pages.
-Have a blog photoshoot and take more photos of just me, plus some more with the husband and pets.
-Start a series on the blog. (Go Natural!)
-Hire someone to give me a custom blog design.
-Try designing some more options for my blog buttons myself.

-Visit my cousins in Sweden (budget pending).
-Visit a nearby town that I’ve never been to and stop in some local establishments.
-Visit Roswell, N.M., or Savannah, Ga. (Roswell, October 2016)
-Be a tourist in my own town for one day.
-Visit the North Dakota Peace Gardens.


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